We were hanging in Budapest all day long. Tibi was working, Tamara and I with Iván on my shoulder started to travel from Albertirsa to Budapest. We started the travel by red train:Tamara enjoyed it very much. Later we travelled by yellow trem, then by blue bus, yellow tram, blue subway and yellow tram....uhhhh....it's a tiring thing to be with 2 children in Budapest....

The first destination was the city centre: let's go to the Gerbeaud confencionery!!! Tamara felt at home, removed the lacquer pumps, she drunk latte, ate icecream. We certainly had a lot of fun :-)

In Vörösmarty Square Tamara was running around, she huntered the pigeons...She kept on shouting... :-)

The homless street musicians loved was Tamara because she was dancing for their music. And Iván?? He was smiling all the time at Japanese tourists and blonde by passers...(there is not any blonde in our family:-) )...or, or...he was sleeping deeply :-) fortunatly...

Then we (to tell truth only me) wanted to go shopping, but in front of there H&M, there were 10 game animal-car-helicopter, etc.....and it was impossible to lure Tamara away: ooohhh, very adventurous Mam! 2 hours!!!!ooooohhh, even the tourist enjoyed it as much as Tamara!!

At the end of the afternoon we got into H&M and Zara. And what was the result??? a purple lacquer litte bag for Tamara :-)))))

In the evening it was not difficult to put the children to bed....

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